Wilshire Brentwood
Char 25164
Full Name Wilshire Brentwood
Relationships Bianca - Personal Driver - Crush

Wilshire Brentwood is one of the main characters in Beverly Hills Teens and could be considered a minor antagonist. He is Bianca's driver and full time doormat and he is in love with her. Bianca breaks his heart again and again. He has caramel brown hair and dark brown eyes. In the episode My Fair Wilshire, he was made over by Pierce, Radley, Larke and Tara to get Bianca's attention. It worked but he didn't like the new Bianca and went back to his old self. Despite Bianca treating him like her slave he has been kissed by her the most out of all the boys in Beverly Hills Teens. He likes fried pickles and raspberry bonbons.

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