Troy Triathalon is the sixty third episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


It's the final day of the Silver Spoon Olympics. Both guys and girls are going to compete in a triathlon starting on skates, to skis, on foot, and finally by water.

Pierce decides he will win by cheating. Instead of going through the entire triathlon, he shoots himself (cannonball ahead of the race, but his plan backfires and Pierce ends up in a cave, covered in mud.

Bianca observes the event, and is rooting for Troy to win and Larke to lose. While she is observing, Wilshire gets himself caught in a mini-snow storm and gets covered from head to toe in snow. All the teens can't find him, and assume that the snowy figure by the ice is a snowman (when it is actually a frozen Wilshire).

During the final hours of the Olympics, Switchboard still has not managed to get an interview with India's hopeful, Troy and Larke win the title for the Triathlon. Great Britain's hopeful and Blaze come in second, while Pierce finishes third in a the girls' triathlon.

The day ends with the closing ceremony. Gig & Jett finally make amends, and are offered an actual record deal by Vic Vinyl Records (with help from Switchboard). Wilshire is finally found frozen in a block of ice. Bianca runs to him and gives the frozen block a big kiss and hug. The ice quickly melts away followed by Wilshire happily saying "the kiss of life!"