The Tortoise and the Dare is the sixty first episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


It's time for the Silver Spoon Olympics. This year, the Beverly Hills Teen Club will be hosting the event. Many rich teens from other countries (including: Great Britain, India, Arabia, France, Japan, and Germany) have come together in the spirit of sportsmanship and a chance to win the Silver Spoon.

Switchboard reports every moment of the event and intends to interview every competitor, but has a difficult time trying to get one with India's hopeful (who refuses to speak to reporters of any kind).

At the opening ceremony concert, Gig & Jett have a falling out when they are both caught in compromising situations with other musicians from the Great Britain team, who were only using Gig and Jett as bait to make each other jealous.

Chester is in charge of picking the US Golf team by means of a random picking machine. Bianca decides that random picking won't do, so she rigs the machine to pair her number with Troy's, but it backfires. Her partner ends up being Radley, followed by the pairing of Larke and Troy.

The first event is the men's running marathon. Pierce and Wilshire both enter the event in order to impress girls (Wilshire wants to impress only Bianca). Through means of cheating, Pierce races ahead with a jet-powered motor and sets a booby trap (a puddle of chocolate) to capture the other men so he can surely win the race. All the men fall into Pierce's trap, except for Wilshire who's trailing miles behind. Later, Pierce runs into a hot girl and decides to delay the race. Soon, Wilshire quietly edges on by him and catches the winning title. The other men catch up later and give Pierce a taste of his own medicine.


  • Part 1 of 3
  • Bianca's Scheme: She rigs the machine to pick her number first.