The Teen Cup is the twenty fourth episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


A yachting race to Catalina is set up among the teens, the losers scraps the barnacles off the winner's boat. Shanelle gets a team together with Jett and Jillian, Troy pilots a small clipper himself, Bianca and Wilshire make up another team, and Gig and Radley join Pierce's squad. Bianca has Wilshire plant an explosive on Troy's ship. Not so that he'll lose, but so that he'll win... on her yacht. Bianca sabotages Troy's boat but, when she tries to "save" him, Shanelle's team beat her to him. Pierce turns his own craft into a hydrofoil and takes a commanding lead...until he stops short of the finish line in an attempt to slow down. Shanelle's team wins...and Bianca, Pierce, Radley, Wilshire and Gig are stuck with barnacle scrapers.


  • Jillian Thorndyke's first appearance.
  • Even though they lost, Radley and Gig are seen at the party while only Bianca, Wilshire and Pierce are scraping off the barnacles.