The Make Over is the third episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


They've just crowned Troy Jeffries as this year's homecoming king. Now it's time to pick the queen. At first, many girls are up to the challenge of being Troy's queen. But after a series of talent shows and questionnaires, it narrows down to two finalist: Bianca Dupree and Larke Tanner. The winner will be determined by the beauty contest. Thinking that she has the upper hand, Bianca decides to spend a whole day at Fifi's beauty salon for a make-over. Initially, Larke thinks that getting a make-over is unfair, but changes her mind after her friends Blaze and Nikki convince her to go. At Fifi's, Bianca does everything to try and sabotage Larke's make-over, but takes it one step further by dying Larke's hair green and styling it like "The Bride of Frankenstein." Right before the judging for homecoming queen, Larke feels mortified by her new look. But to her surprise, everyone loves her new edgy look and Larke wins the crown for Homecoming Queen.


  • Ahhh... those infamous strawberries in the bubbles. All you have to do is pop the bubbles and eat them. Yum!
  • Bianca's Scheme: She sabotages Larke's Day at Fifi's and dyes her hair green.
  • Larke is referenced as the Bride of Frankenstein by Fifi's helper.