The Dog Ate My Homework is the second episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


The Midnight Ball for the gang of Beverly Hills is near, but everyone's history essay must be done in order to go. Bianca shops for the perfect gown, only to discover Larke has already purchased it. Jealously, Bianca sends her dog Empress to destroy Larke's homework, which results in Larke having to re-do it in detention hall and miss the ball. Chester finds a way to both restore Larke's homework, make her a dress and get her to the ball on time in his pumpkin shaped automobile that he invented. They arrive just in time for the crowning of the Midnight Ball Princess. Larke wins the title, and Bianca is the runner-up with one vote as she voted for herself but Wilshie voted for Larke, saying white is his favourite color. Bianca chases him and Larke throws a kiss to Chester and then kisses Troy.


  • Maybe it's legal for kids to drive in Beverly Hills (Chester drives Larke to the Midnight Ball).
  • When Bianca crosses out Larke's name in the appointment book, it's spelled Lark.
  • The first of many appointments at Fifi's begins in this episode. (Doesn't anybody else think Fifi resembles Marilyn Monroe?)
  • Bianca's Scheme: She sends Empress to chew up Larke's computer disc
  • We learn Larke and Bianca are next-door neighbors.
  • We see Larke and Bianca's mansions for the the first time.
  • Wilshire's favourite color is white.
  • This episode is a parody of Cinderella.