Rampage is the forty ninth episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


The Linguini Brothers' Circus is at the Teen Club for their annual charity event. This year, they brought along Prince Mongo, the Rock 'n' Roll Gorilla. Chester helps in a behind-the-scenes capacity and feels his should dedicate his life to the circus. Everyone is included in the act, except for Chester who is automatically assigned to work the control rooms for releasing the animal cages. But Chester decides to make the best of it and introduces a new timing mechanism that will make the cages open and close accordingly to each circus act. His hard work is thanked when he is offered a position with the circus. But Chester's excitement gets the best of him when he returns to the control room covered with cotton candy. Some of the candy falls onto the cage controls and causes a short circuit. The cages suddenly open and the animals run amok around the Teen Club, and the gorilla who later kidnaps Bianca. Now it's up to Larke, Troy, Radley, Blaze, Chester, and Wilshire to capture the animals and save Bianca before they destroy the Teen Club and Beverly Hills. When Chester finds out he was to blame, he works to save Bianca and pacify Mongo. He does this by giving Mongo Rocky Road ice cream, which he loves and always naps after eating. Mongo eats and sleeps, Bianca is saved...and she rewards Chester with a kiss.


  • The music the gorilla plays during his item is the same piece Gig played during his solo concert in "Star Split".
  • Bianca has two limos in this episode: the one she usually rides and one that is tank-like and armored with metal.
  • Larke can fly a helicopter. Go figure!