Open for Business is the twenty episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


As part of class assignment, the gang is divided into two teams: boys vs. girls to run a business for a day on Rodeo Drive. The goal is to see which sex makes better business people. The girls: Larke, Jett, Switchboard, Shanelle, Bianca (even Wilshire) run an Ice Cream Parlor while the boys: Troy, Radley, Chester, Gig, and Pierce run a Chocolate shop. Coincidentally, the two shops are right across the street from each other. Each team comes up with strategies to beat the other team, but ultimately it is Bianca who causes the most trouble when she uses sneakier tactics behind her teams back to win the contest. She sends Wilshire to destroy Chester's bonbon machine. The machine goes beserk and ends up firing bonbons at Mrs. Van Worthington, the most important woman in Beverly Hills. The boys think they are in trouble, but are surprised when Mrs. Van Worthington wants to buy the recipe from them. In the end, the girls are the winner.


  • The teens just start to dance right in the middle of the street between traffic. I guess there are really nice drivers in Beverly Hills.
  • Bianca's Scheme: She sends Wilshire to tamper with Chester's robotic bon bon chef.