Nothing but Gossip is the twenty seventh episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


Mona Blabbit, a world famous gossip reporter and Switchboard's idol, comes to visit Beverly Hills. Switchboard would love to be her assistant, but when she tells her rumors about Bianca and Pierce, Mona is completely unimpressed, and says that the truth is never enough for a proper gossip.

While hesitant, Switchboard sees no other way, and starts telling false rumors about her friends. One of the rumors she creates is telling Blaze that Tara said she likes horses because she looks like one. This causes Blaze to break off her friendship with Tara. Then she reports that Nikki's father bought the Teen Magazine in order to fire Larke and make Nikki the model. Then, she tells Jett that Gig wants to leave her for another band. When Bianca asks Blaze to help her get a guy from her class, Switchboard uses Gig's voice synthesizer to create an illusion of Blaze stating she actually used the opportunity to get the guy for herself. Blabbit is impressed with the rumors (and even more with the consequences) and hires Switchboard.

However, at this exact point, Larke starts to suspect something is fishy, and Switchboard, in her excitement, babbles out enough for her to start connecting the pieces. When confronted, Switchboard refuses to admit what she did was wrong. Larke sees no choice to tell the others, which causes everyone to make up - except for Bianca and Blaze, due to the evidence being more solid in their case. She plans her revenge, by increasing the water flow in an artificial waterfall, and flooding the island where Blaze and Tara are having a picnic. Switchboard overhears, but Tara and Blaze don't believe after the recent events. She does manage to convince Larke, however, and Troy, while skeptical at first, brings his helicopter and rescues them.

Switchboard promises never to gossip again. She breaks within seconds, upon hearing that Bianca's dress is a copy rather that an original Paris gown like she claims.


  • Despite Bianca's previously stated dislike for Pierce, you can see them dancing together in this episode.