My Fair Wilshire is the fourth episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


After witnessing many occasions of Bianca walking all over Wilshire, Larke, Pierce, Radley, and Tara plan a scheme to make Bianca realize what a great man Wilshire really is. With the help of Switchboard, the news gets spread around that a hunky new guy (Wilshire) will be making an appearance at the teen club. Meanwhile, Pierce and Radley take Wilshire to Fifi's for a cool make over and then to shop for new clothes. When Wilshire arrives at the Teen Club with his new look and attitude, he is quickly rejected by Bianca. But as Larke pretends to fall for Wilshire, Bianca gets jealous and begs Wilshire for a date. On the date, Wilshire realizes that he prefers the old Bianca and he prefers to just make mistakes without worrying about them and resurfaces to his former self.




  • At the clothing store, Wilshire's waist measures 42 inches. But when he removes his shirt, he seems pretty built for someone with a 42 inch waist.
  • In this episode Bianca shows attraction to Wilshire for the first time.