Larke Tanner
Larke Tanner
Full Name Larke Tanner
First Appeared Double-Surfing Double-Cross
Relationships Tara Belle - friend
Nikki Darling - friend
Gig - friend
Troy Jeffries - boyfriend
Jett - friend
Chester McTech - friend
Radley - friend
Shanelle Spencer - friend
Blaze Summers - friend
Switchboard - friend
Tiara - pet and companion
Jillian Thorndyke - friend

Larke Tanner is the very beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed “golden girl” teen queen of Beverly Hills. She's (mutually) head-over-heels in love with the resident jock, Troy. She's the popular Teen Queen of Beverly Hills High School. She drives a bright pink Ferrari, usually accompanied by her pet cat, Tiara. She is a model and often wins many of the contests that she enters, although her rival Bianca tries hard to sabotage her. Kind-hearted and sweet to the core, she is Bianca’s complete opposite. She's also a proud surrogate sister to Chester McTech, who has bailed her out of numerous fixes. It is said that Troy and Larke are secretly dating.


  1. Double-Surfing Double Cross
  2. The Dog Ate My Homework
  3. The Make Over
  4. My Fair Wilshire
  5. Casting Call
  6. Down and Out in the Teen Club
  7. Chase of a Lifetime
  8. Downhill Racer
  9. Radley Wipes Out
  10. Shipwrecked
  11. Halloween in the Hills
  12. Visit from a Prince
  13. Camp Camping
  14. Dream Date
  15. The Perfect Gift
  16. A Time to Remember
  17. Chester the Matchmaker
  18. Who Wears the Pants
  19. Open for Business
  20. Operation Soap Opera
  21. Potions of Love
  22. Ghost Story
  23. Fairy Tale Flake Out
  24. Nothing but Gossip
  25. Now We're Cooking
  26. Old at Heart
  27. Death Valley 500
  28. Star Split
  29. Double Your Trouble
  30. Bianca's Dream
  31. Look Deep Into My Eyes
  32. The Commercial
  33. Hold the Anchovies
  34. Scene Stealer
  35. Diet, Please
  36. What the Hex Happening
  37. Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover Girl
  38. Private Club – Ghosts Only
  39. Poll Climbers
  40. Rampage
  41. That Winning Smile
  42. Take Me Out to the Ball Game
  43. The Slumber Party
  44. Roughing It
  45. The Kindest Cut of All
  46. Bianca's Diary
  47. Go with the Flu
  48. Nikki's Big Break
  49. McTech, P.I.
  50. The Tortoise and the Dare
  51. Greens With Envy
  52. Troy Triathalon
  53. Miracle at the Teen Club (Part 1)
  54. Miracle at the Teen Club (Part 2)



  • Although no character has been featured in every episode, Larke was featured the most being in 54 episodes out of 65.
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