Halloween in the Hills is the twelfth episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


While her parents are away for the trip, Bianca decides to throw a Halloween party at home. The party includes a Best Costume competition. Bianca comes dressed as Cleopatra, but unfortunately, so does Larke. Bianca manages to obtain another costume, Native American girl, but Larke has changed to the same, having decided not to upset Bianca. In desperation, Bianca attempts to ruin Larke's costume. Unfortunately, the ruined costume proves very popular, and Larke wins "for her ecology conscious wet look". Bianca proves to be a sore loser and drives everyone out. At that moment, the butler notifies her that the parents' trip has been cancelled, and they are back. She is grounded for two weeks.




  • The scheme of winning a competition by sabotaging a rival's appearance has already been attempted by Bianca in "The Makeover", when she dyed Larke's hair green. Both times, the result was the new look being received positively enough for Larke to win.
  • Originally aired in December despite the show's theme about Halloween.