Greens With Envy is the sixty second episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


It's Day Two of the Silver Spoon Olympics. The events are golf and polo. Switchboard continues her reporting of the event, and still hopes to nab an interview with India's hopeful. But Switchboard takes a break from her interviews to play a friend to Gig & Jett (who are still not speaking to each other. She manages to get them to start talking by arranging a meeting with a record producer who may sign them.

Troy, Larke, Radley, and Bianca compete in their 18 hole golf game with the other teams. Bianca has bought Troy solid gold golf clubs as a way to win his affection, but Troy claims that he'd rather use his instead (plus, gold won't hit golf bars very far). However, Bianca's hit with the gold golf clubs eventually scores the winning hole for the Beverly Hills Teens.

Blaze, Shanelle, Gig, and Pierce compete in the polo game. But it is Blaze and Shanelle who should be given the most credit for their participation because both Gig & Pierce have their minds set on girls. While Pierce is flirting during the games, Gig is still arguing with Jett. Eventually, Blaze and Shanelle take full charge and win the game.