From Rad to Worse is the fortieth episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


Radley's parents won't allow him to surf anymore until he finishes a mountain load of homework. According to Chester, it may take him until March 2027 to finish. Chester decides to help by testing his latest invention--a machine that can allow others to borrow his own intelligence. The experiment is a success, and Radley becomes a genius and completes all his homework within minutes.

However, his new inherited intelligence has a side-effect. It turns Radley from a laid back dude to an ultra snooty intellect who thinks he is better than everyone else at the Teen Club. All his friends are fed up with the new Radley and decide they want their old friend back, except for Bianca, who finds the new personality lovable. They attempt to remind him of the stuff he used to enjoy like surfing, dancing, flying, and dating beautiful women. It all fails, and Radley concludes that no one around fits in with his uppity life except for maybe Bianca who seems to understand the new Radley. Things return after Radley is hit by a giant wave and is refreshed back to his old self. Everyone is happy, except for Bianca.


  • After the knowledge transfer, Chester states that Bradley has never even been able to tie his shoelaces. A rather hypocritical statement, considering Chester's own shoelaces are usually shown untied, including that very scene.