Downhill Racer is the ninth episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


It's time for the winter carnival and both Larke and Bianca are competing to be this year's Snow Queen. There are three contests to determine the winner: (1) Ice Sculpting, (2) Figure Skating, and (3) Downhill Skiing. Larke wins the ice sculpting contest by building a graceful ballerina. Bianca loses this contest when her ice replica of Empress is destroyed when the real Empress becomes jealous and attacks the statue. Bianca captures the title of figure skating when Empress runs out of control and drags both Wilshire and Larke down on ice rink. The downhill ski contest will determine the winner.

Bianca decides to take matters into her own hands when she tricks Chester into making an invention that can make the snow a little more slick to help Larke and her go faster and win the competition. After Bianca finishes her downhill ski run, she gets a hold of Chester's invention and sets it to super-slick right before beaming it on a huge section of the ski run. The noise of the invention is heard by Blaze while she is riding her horse, so she decides to investigate. She catches Bianca red-handed and warns her that her scheme has gone too far this time because the speed and curve of the ski run in combination with the super-slickness will cause Larke to fall off the edge of the cliff nearby. Horrified, Bianca and Blaze ride up to the top to stop Larke, but it is too late - Larke has started her ski run. Blaze and Bianca then quickly ride downhill to Larke before she slides off the cliff. Feeling bad that she could have killed Larke, Bianca withdraws from the competition and Larke wins Snow Queen by default.

Meanwhile, Buck insists on becoming Gig & Jett's band manager by claiming that he can make them stars. But Gig really just wants to play their music for their friends at the moment. But Gig has even more to deal with when he makes Nikki a promise to let her dance on stage while he and Jett and performing. Jett is upset at Gig's decision because the audience will be paying attention to Nikki instead of their music.


  • This is probably the only episode where Bianca feels guilty for her scheming.
  • Bianca's Scheme: She manipulates Chester into making her an invention which she uses to make the ski run super-slick so that Larke will fall.