Double Your Trouble is the thirty second episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


Chester uses a computer to select a date for Gig as part of a "Date With Gig" contest. However, Gig is disappointed that the computer filtered out his favorites like Larke and Tara to match him up with Switchboard. Not wanting to go out with Switchboard, Gig worms his way into choosing someone else: Larke. But then, when Tara expresses a lot of hope to win, Gig said SHE won. Soon, Gig's dating both Larke and Tara and the same time. When Jett tells the two about this, they get revenge by scheduling dates with him for the same day and time: Larke and the ski resort and Tara at the nearby theme park. Gig runs back and forth between the two dates and exhausts himself before confessing his crime...and correcting his mistake by announcing Switchboard as the true winner of the contest.