Double-Surfing Double Cross is the first episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


The double surfing contest is here, and all but Bianca are going to compete. Instead, Bianca decides to sit and sabotage the contest so that Larke and Troy won't win the competition, especially since Troy picked Larke over her to be his surfing partner. Her sabotage eventually works against her when she sets the wave maker to tidal wave frequency and gets washed away. Pierce convinces Jett to be his surfing partner, but really wants to win the affection of Larke. He has Chester build a robotic shark to attack Larke and Troy so that he can be Larke's hero. However, the robotic shark is broken and Pierce ends up wrestling a real shark. Troy and Larke are neck and neck with Radley and Blaze, but it is Troy and Larke who win the double surfing contest.



  • Bianca's Scheme: She sets the wave maker to tidal wave frequency
  • The famous wave maker is seen for the first time
  • We see the famous stretch Limo that Larke is driving for the first time.
  • In the premiere episode, we are introduced to the gang's frequent hang out - The Teen Club. It has an exercise and activity room, with an outdoor man-made beach, and a man-made snow summit.