Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover Girl is the forty sixth episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


Enraged at all the attention Larke is getting from being a Teen Magazine cover girl, Bianca thinks of a plan to get rid of Larke, so she can be with Troy. She changes the time and location of a leather-garment photo shoot to nighttime. So she has Larke along with the Teen Magazine photographer sent to the wrong address, having them end up in a high-crime area. They end up being confronted by a three-member motorcycle gang. But those gang members turn out to be friendly to Lark and the photographer decides to have them included in the photo session. Troy and the other teens are concerned for Lark and they decide to come to her rescue even though she is not really in any danger. As Troy and the other teens go to her rescue, she's having a great shoot. In the end, Bianca ends up having to be given a ride home by the motorcycle gang