Diet, Please is the forty third episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


Tara is entering a teen beauty contest, and one of the requirements is that all contestants must weigh 110 pounds or less. Tara is sure that she weighs less than 110 pounds, so she continues to divulge in rich treats and desserts. But when she is weighed, much to her dismay, Tara ends up weighing 115 pounds.

With limited time before the contest, all of her friends do what they can do help her shed those 5 pounds. All but Bianca, who wants to win the contest herself. Bianca sets Tara up to a room filled with goodies right before the contest, to which a very hungry Tara devours everything in sight.

Right before getting weighed at the contest, a reluctant and guilt stricken Tara fears that her binge will disqualify her from the contest. Upon stepping on the scale, she is happy to see that her weight is 108 pounds. While Bianca wonders how that could possibly be, It turns out Wilshire ordered the goodies from a company producing non-fattening food.



  • Bianca Scheme: Bianca tempts a starving Tara to a buffet of treats.
  • Tara mentioned Civil War General Robert E. Lee.
  • This episode ends with a PSA about the dangers of over-dieting, as spelled out by Larke's voice-over narration.
  • This is the only episode with a PSA at the end.