Chester the Matchmaker is the eighteenth episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


Chester created a match-making computer, able to match personalities of any member of the Teen Club with any other. The test is made with Tara...and it comes up as Radley, who hardly has the same interests as her. Worse, Bianca followed them into Chester's lab. Bianca laughs at this and makes a wager that she'll get a date with Radley before Tara does. And worst of all, since Switchboard has planted a bug on Bianca, the rest of the club knows. But just as Radley is about to ask Bianca to a party, Tara accidentally put herself in danger and Radley saved her...then immediately asked her out. But there were no other match-making; Chester destroyed the machine when his own match came up as Bianca...and Bianca didn't like the idea.