Chester McTech
Chester McTech
Full Name Chester McTech
Age 10
First Appeared Double-Surfing Double Cross
Relationships Troy Jeffries - friend
Jett - friend
Larke Tanner - friend
Jillian Thorndyke - girlfriend
Switchboard - older sister

A boy genius with a lab of his own, complete with a dress designing machine and the ability to help almost anyone at his school. A prodigy's prodigy, Chester has skipped several grades to become a 10-year-old freshman (and honor student) at Beverly Hills High School. Because of his great intelligence and ingenuity, he is often pressed into service by Pierce and Bianca (typically separately) to further his or her own agenda. He can, and does, assist many upperclassmen with their various dilemmas; nobody is ever more grateful for his help than Larke Tanner. Switchboard (Brenda) is his older sister. He is afraid of spiders and heights.

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