Chase of a Lifetime is the eighth episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


The Sadie Hawkin's Dance is approaching. That means it's time for the girls to ask the guys out. But if you're a Beverly Hills Teen, the game is played differently. Instead of simply asking the boys, the girls must chase the boys. Which ever girl gets both hands on a guy first wins him as a date for the Sadie Hawkin's Dance. All the girls have their eyes and chase plans set on Troy, but Troy really wants Larke to catch him. However, Larke insist on playing a fair game. Bianca has other plans - she secretly places an electronic homing device in Troy's jeans so she will have the advantage of finding him. The race is here. On foot, Troy, Pierce, Gig, & Wilshire are among some of the boys being chased. On wheels, Larke, Jett, Nikki, Shanelle, and Bianca speed up in hopes of nabbing Troy. Blaze is also among the girls, but she chooses to ride on horseback instead. The chase goes from the Teen Club, to the snow summits, to the beaches, and finally to the streets of Beverly Hills. On the streets, Bianca finally tracks Troy with her homing device and follows his sports car until she traps him at a dead end. She runs to the car and puts both arms around Troy and gives him a big kiss. But to her surprise, the man driving Troy's sports car turns out to be Wilshire. Troy then pops out of the trunk and takes off until Blaze finally snags him with her lasso right before Larke shows up. Larke is upset that she got there too late, but is greatful when Blaze gives Troy to Larke and decides to go to the dance with Wilshire. Jett later nabs Gig and Bianca ends up going to the dance alone, that is until Pierce asks her to dance.


  • Bianca has a different car. Instead of the limo, she is driving what looks like a giant Hummer.
  • Blaze is such a good friend for giving Troy to Larke.
  • Bianca's Scheme: She secretly places a homing device in Troy's jean pocket.