Camp Camping is the fourteenth episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


The Teens decide to get away from it all and camp out for a weekend. Everyone is excited, even Bianca. During preparations, Pierce saves Wilshire from a terrible accident and, following a custom his Japanese gardner told him about, Wilshire becomes Pierce's slave, and following him around with disastrous results. After an embarrassing time, Pierce tries to get Wilshire to save HIS life and make them even. All deliberate attempts failed...but an accident which forces Wilshire to stop a runaway horse Pierce is on does the trick. Wilshire could stop being Pierce's slave...and go back to being Bianca's.


  • Chester states in this episode that he doesn't have a driving license. Yet both "The Dog Ate My Homework" and "Robot Romance" feature him driving. Later in this episode, he is see driving again, so it is possible that for some reason, the law doesn't apply to cars he made himself.
  • During Chester's daydream about hang gliding, the bird makes a noise highly reminiscent of Woody Woodpecker's iconic laughter.