Bianca's Dream is the thirty fifth episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


Bianca had a bad day since the morning. Same breakfast for both her and Empress, talk (and newspaper headlines) about Larke's successes, and to top it off, another attempt to sabotage Larke has backfired and turned into Larke's success. Tired, Bianca falls asleep, and dreams of a world where everything is inverted, with everyone having the worst of Bianca's own qualities. Larke and Tiara bully her and Empress, instead of the other way around. Chester isn't an inventor. Switchboard has no interest in gossip. Wilshire is a jerk and ignores her. And Troy is obsessed with her to the point of nightmare. Desperate to escape him, Bianca bribes Larke, but while the latter pretends to help, in reality this is but a scheme to lead Bianca to the most humiliating moment of her life. Luckily, at that exact moment Bianca wakes up, to her immense relief. In fact, she is relieved enough to kiss Wilshire senseless.